Analysis of hardware enterprise brand marketing core strategic market

Issuing time:2021-12-07 09:50

According to the classification of the characteristics and the current industry competition situation analysis, combined with the regularity of brand, brand competition pattern China current hardware tool industry is not stable, in addition to Star and STANLEY in the high-end brands to occupy the leading position, other grades of the brand rankings are still not clear, this will give later brought infinite opportunity.

Hardware tools

Because of low cost and fierce competition, the majority of enterprises are to rely on to reduce prices to gain market, as a result, the enterprise profit is very low, basically can only to maintain production, but it is very difficult to make money in the state, the consequences of product prices low, low added value, low profits, enterprises do not have sufficient funds to sustainable development. The development of the domestic Home Furnishing outward of the hardware business trend more obvious, though at that time within the industry enterprises, enterprises can not progress, industry will be difficult to ascend, optimal greatly, bad not discard cause. Hardware industry is from the invisible brand gradually into the consumer perspective. The low price competition, imitation, OEM only confined to a certain historical stage, with the industrial development and competition upgrading, improving product technology content, have patents, independent design, focus on brand building and the camp is the best choice for the long-term development of the enterprise.

Brand competition in the domestic hardware tool industry situation is shock. Star and STANLEY still holds the China high-end brand leadership position, other grades of the brand rankings are unknown, this means that other brands still with unlimited opportunities. Seize this brand confusion hiatus, speed into the top three brand to become the next five years the development of the most problems to be worth thinking.

First of all, almost every enterprise in the use of brand operation, to find out the differences between their respective grade and major competitors, as a strategic starting point. But many enterprises try to commit such a mistake: seek only the product differences, rather than differences in the brand of. In addition to the price difference between the brand outside, it is hard to distinguish the brand. The market will be according to the product price positioning, brand: low price is formed on the resist, the high price is an upscale brand impression, to a large extent hampered the implementation of brand marketing. This is the result Chinese native hardware is difficult to achieve the core problem in the high-end brand.

The brand includes brand core value and external performance, the difference between brands is shown through positioning differences between brands of. Brand marketing expert Luo Baihui thinks, the brand positioning is to position according to the demand of target market and their own advantage. For example, STANLEY: World tool expert. Stan used this slogan to highlight the positioning tool of expert of their own world. On the core value of the brand highlights expert status of enterprise strength of a hundred years, enterprises achieve with opponents segmentation. In other words, is to find the target market, compared with competitors, found his advantage, combined with market demand through a demand characteristics of customers, combined with the advantages of enterprises, the formation of brand core value.

Secondly, for the use of what kind of channel mode, each enterprise should according to the characteristics of their respective enterprises to choose. Demand from the market and channel characteristics of the present, in the high-end brand using direct sales model is not realistic, the product line and sales will directly decide the mode of the network. The present Chinese hardware tools market, is very big to the demand of mid-range products, products can be basically covered two or three, four line market, the foundation uses the monopoly chain model will have the market demand. For China native hardware brand, Luo Baihui suggested that if the product line long enough, can try to the old dealer store renovation, shortening the channel, the more points, deepening marketing. Using hierarchical agent model manufacturers must strengthen to the management of dealers, embodied in the terminal sales price management, management, channel coordination Chuanhuo brand communication management, market feedback information management etc.. The health of channel and price will be directly related to the life and death of the enterprise and long-term development, therefore, the need for caution in the channel of choice, in the channel management needs refinement.

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