China hardware tools to enhance the added value of increasing competition in the international marke

Issuing time:2021-12-07 09:51

In the next few years, the road of the development of domestic architectural hardware tools products will become intelligent, humanization. Luo Baihui thinks, dynamic international hardware market, developed countries have put in, the low-end products to accelerate the transfer of the developed countries in the third world, the low-grade products to third world transfer because of the influence of the rapid development of production technology and labor force price is expensive, in Europe and the United States with the architectural hardware product design developed country to easy to install and repair the main, oneself only to produce high value-added products; products into the hardware market new favorite in recent years, and can be assembled by products and tools are popular with the market. According to the current international hardware market, Europe and the United States and other developed countries due to rapid production technology development and labor prices, the general products by developing production, only the production of high value-added products. China has a strong market potential, so more favourable for the development of hardware processing export country.

I hand tools product categories for the export commodities sleeve, hand combination of tools, gardening tools, wrenches are the top four ranked fifth, pliers. From the foreign trade country, America ranked first, followed by the UK, Germany and japan. Hand tools market, USA hand tools market demand stable, American at the end of last year the housing market new homes increased in size at the same time, there are still a large number of existing homes uninhabited, bring great opportunities for housing renovation market. Motor vehicle average model and vehicle age more and more big, to the automobile after sale market hand tools sales played a certain role in promoting. Strong electronic product distribution of forging tool requirements, especially the adjustable wrench; German hand tools increased demand in Germany, comfortable and labor-saving tools are the most popular. Help to hold tools smooth handle and attractive appearance are important factors to attract them to purchase desire. In the types of tools, electric tools now become increasingly popular. Cordless tools are becoming more popular. Now the new rechargeable tools available on the market have a plurality of rechargeable battery jack, can be used in various environments; Taiwan hand tool industry adjust product structure, Taiwan area of the hand tool industry with a stable product quality, delivery time, product variety is complete, can meet the needs of customers, has certain advantages in the global. But in Taiwan hand tool sales to the island market, at present the local manufacturers around 5000, distributed in the central area of the island of Taiwan, mainly to small and medium enterprises.

At present it is China hardware tools product upgrading of the stage, from the low-end to high-end products over the period. This is for the development of China's hardware industry is very beneficial, transfer to domestic and abroad products production, will certainly include raw materials, some foreign advanced production technology and management mode is taken together.

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