Hardware electric tool dealers lend to other channels will achieve a win-win situation

Issuing time:2021-12-07 09:52

In recent years, hardware industry and ordinary consumer goods have undergone major changes, in the form of marketing on generally speaking, hardware industry belongs to the typical bulk trade marketing, sales and channel structure and characteristics of the general consumer goods difference is great. Distribution channels tend to flat, the rise of some hardware new shopping mall and big market, and some operators, big dealers have also established its own brand, and retail enterprises policy conflict, the development trend of the industry of traditional channel is showing scale, diversification, modernization, centralization, internationalization and mainstreaming. Network hardware industry buyers word list project group is aware of, the rise in the electronic commerce channel environment, some of the traditional dealer channels begin to consider the mutual borrow channels more peers, and achieve a win-win situation.

Interlibrary loan four points channel

1, in good faith as the cornerstone of cooperation

Now, dealers have different advantages in resources, interlibrary loan channels can achieve a win-win situation. But in modern business, the first premise is integrity and win-win.

If the dealer very care about interlibrary loan channels can I get what, and we are not each other to borrow channels together can get what, cooperation will give future planted hidden. Interlibrary loan channel is not their existing customers are to each other, but their business products according to the channel is classified, and then to fit each other channel products and other suitable channel products exchange. This requires that the two sides have to be honest, there is no integrity, there is no basis for cooperation.

2, choose different products

Because it is the mutual borrow channels, then the dealer should as far as possible to find the difference of the products to the channel borrowing. Why choose differential products? The reason is that although the different sales channels, if the product positioning is similar, interlibrary loan channels will affect the original product sales. So, interlibrary loan channel distributors to the deployment of product variety, do are different varieties, the benefit of both channels of sales, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing sales. Because many varieties to make distribution customers how choose purchase opportunities, is helpful to the original product sales.

3, to control their own channels

In the process of mutual borrow channels, dealers are not the best cash settlement way, but will be carried out both product distribution of equivalent exchange. For example, big circulation dealers original products to earn a profit by walk, if borrowed terminal network, product profit than the original increase; and do the terminal distributor through the use of cyber source distribution channels, can boost product sales.

Although channel interlibrary loan, but power and operation control channel still belong to the respective dealer, the dealer to this point is very clear, do not lend to other occupied by others "territory", because no one will through interlibrary loan way to give up his control of the channel!

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