Electric tool three characteristics description and nine application scope

Issuing time:2021-12-07 09:52

A wide variety of current electric tools, electric tools in the world has developed to nearly 500 varieties.

Three big characteristics:

1 the advantages of light structure, convenient to carry and use.

More than 2 hand tools to enhance productivity several times to ten times;

3 than pneumatic tools high efficiency, low cost, small vibration and easy to control.

Nine application scope:

1) machinery industry: drilling, tapping, sawing, grinding, polishing, rust, the expanding pipe and screw, bolt and nut tightening etc..

2) the transformation of farmland, water conservancy construction, tunnel construction, mining: drilling, tamping concrete,

3) railway construction; ballast tamping.

4) agricultural and animal husbandry: pesticide spraying, shearing.

5) picking and Forestry: logging, bucking, pruning.

6) in the wood processing: sawing, planing, tenoning, sanding.

7) medical; bone sawing, drilling bone, remove the plaster.

8) Art: sculpture, carpet shear.

9) special purpose: the steel plate shear, punching hole (not the workpiece bending deformation), angle drill in a narrow place to drill, magnetic sit drill can be adsorbed on the machined steel piece work, pipe milling machine can automatically cut off the big diameter pipe, electric definite torque wrench can achieve constant tension control bolts. Riveter riveted to one side of workpiece etc..

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