China's electric tools to the domestic market occupied the commanding height of the market

Issuing time:2021-12-07 09:53

Ms. Li is a well-known brand operation electric tool for years says, "persecutedforeign trade steadily decline, many electric tool manufacturers and distributorsto begin the conversion strategy, pioneering and innovation began to focus on domestic power tools market, while some itself by the domestic sales of the dominant power tools enterprises and businesses, is give full play to its advantages, actively in the upgrading work harder, the development is quiterapid."

Electric tool dealers Li Qiang said, domestic market capacity is not as biginternational market, but demand is still small, and most professional power tools, higher selling prices, and better economic benefit, as long as attention toproduct quality, and constantly consolidate and expand market share, isequally promising, the same can be survival and development. Because the domestic electric tools market more critical on quality and brand electric tools,regardless of is the electric tool dealers, or direct users, have attached great importance to the quality and brand electric tools. Therefore, inclination of thegood quality, good brand to expand the market of electric tool. As long as the enterprise, the market vendors with read good market classics, no worries about not selling electric tool.

It is understood that the domestic user quality requirements of electric tools is more and more high, especially pay much attention to the product efficiency,weight, life index. In the construction industry as an example, the quality problems of domestic electric tools is mainly reflected in: electric hammereasily fever, continuous working time is short, electric hammer impact force is small, big vibration, the operator must exert pressure to depth, bit easy to wear, easy to break. In order to better explore the market both at home and abroad, more and more electric tool manufacturers and dealers pay more attention to scientific and technological innovation, quality win, to consolidate and expand the market with new products. Therefore, brand awareness and brand effect of electric tool market is more obvious, many little strength and size of the electric tool dealers, for distribution of good brand electric toolsexhibit very high enthusiasm. Electric tool market matures.

Through training in recent years, Yongkang electric tool industry has formedmany "own brand" and "own brand", especially a number of well-known brandssuch as electric tools, broad, Lunda, three front, prosperous and strong, has a leading position in our province and even in China's electric tool industry office.As expected, these brands in the normative and orderly competition environment will be more and more healthy and rapid growth. With theproducers to pay attention to the enterprise brand construction, increase investment in science and technology, develop new products, electric tool industry achieved from a single small electric tools products to diversified,large-scale, modern, large-scale, novel electric tools series products into the direction, quickly occupied the commanding height of the market.

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